Friday, January 16, 2015

Pearls Of Wisdom - A Tutorial

Continuing in  the theme of Shades of White over at Miriam's Crafting Blog. It is my turn to create a tutorial. I decided to do a written one rather then a video this time around because the process was easy but time consuming for glue drying. My project is a Mini Clipboard. Nearly everything on it came from Miriam's Crafting Supplies with the exception of the feather, which came from my Gone Artsy store, and the calligraphy nib which I picked up at an office supply. The clipboard came from AC Moore.

Supplies From Miriam's Crafting Supplies:

White Small 5 Petal Flower
Silver Tone Glasses Charm
Bronze tone Pocket Watch Charm with White Face
ATC Sized Canvas Piece
Small Vial
Assorted Shapes and Sizes of Pearls
5mm White AB Rhinestones
Round Pearl Beads (not listed in the store but available by contacting her)

1. Paint the wood part of the Clip Board with a light coat of're going for a white washed look, not solid coverage.

2. Next glue the feather to the nib to create your "pen".
3. Place small round pearls in the tall clear glass vial and add enough clear glue to cover. Allow to dry completely. I used Journey Glaze.

4. Insert the "pen into the vial and a bit more glue to hold it in place. Dry thoroughly.

5. Paint some glue on the back of your ATC size canvas to stiffen it some. When dry use a round dowel type object (paint brush ends work great for this) and your heat gun to soften the glue enough to curl the canvas around the dowel a bit. Let cool and write your sentiment using a silver pen.

6. Place the canvas on the clipboard and glue in place.

7. Embellish with your "pearl inkwell and pen" set and any other objects you so desire. 

I really love how this turned out and I have already been asked by someone if they could purchase it. We'll see, I kinda like it too much to sell :). I hope you like it still have time to join in the challenge at Miriam's Crafting Blog! Create something in Shades of White and enter!

Love ya,

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Let it Snow!

Well not here please LOL...I did my time in the tundra and am enjoying the more moderate weather here in Florida. But this month is Shades of White over at Miriam's Crafting Blog so of course my first thought was snow. I remember the way the pristine white looked against the red brick buildings and I always thought it was kind of magical in it's appearance so I tried to replicate that in a small wall hanging.

Come join in the challenge...White is an easy color to work with! You never know you might be the next winner.

For this project I used the following products from Miriam's Crafting Supplies:

3 Bronze tone snowflake charms - I painted them white

4 Silver tone snowflake charms - I painted them white

I hope you enjoyed this very simple project. Anyone can do it! So come on...go join in on the challenge!

Love ya,

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings

In one of the FB groups I belong to we did a challenge in which you  needed to use the words New Beginning signifying the new year. I had so much fun creating this mixed media canvas. I used some flowers from WOC and KS4U, some embellishments pieces from Miriam's Crafting Supplies, and some pheasant feathers from my Gone Artsy Store to top it off.

I hope the new year brings you happiness, good health, and wonderful new beginnings! Create and enjoy life my friends! Happy New Year!

Love ya,

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cigar Box Anyone?

It's still steampunk theme for Miriam's Crafting Supplies so for my second project this month I chose to make an altered cigar box for my cousin. He smokes cigars and gave me a bunch of boxes so I felt the best way to thank him for those was to make him an altered one for his humidor room. I used a traveling theme with a train, hot air balloon, clocks, springs, gear key, typewriter keys, chipboard gears, chains, a mini bottle and some resined chip board quotes. The paper was DCWV. I also used a Tim Holtz Stencil and some DecoArt Terracotta paste. I'm in love with the clawed feet from Miriam's store. I think they really added to the piece.

I had a ball making this. I always do when I'm working steampunk! I hope you enjoy peeking at it!

The Top




and the Inside Top

I left the inside of the box plain wood.I wanted it to be rough and manly. I plan to put a bottle opener and a new cigar cutter in there for him. I'm hoping that he will love displaying it in his "special cigar room".

Thanks for stopping by again and as always...

Love ya!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Altered CD

I joined an Altered CD swap for a group I'm in on FaceBook. I've never made one before so I thought it would be fun to try. The theme was Thanksgiving. I think it turned out OK but not having done one before I'm not sure. I'd love to hear what you think.

Thanks for stopping by to have a look and I look forward to reading your comments.

Love ya,

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Steampunk Style

Happy November and welcome to all the new followers! Thank you everyone for continuing to read this blog and supporting my work!

This month over at Miriam's Crafting Blog, the challenge is about Steampunk style. We want to see your take on it!

The designers have come up with some great inspiration so I hope you will check out the blog to see everyone's work and then join the challenge by entering yours!

I have designed some jewelry pieces and have decided to carry them in the Gone Artsy store. Each piece will be unique and handmade. So come check them out periodically. Currently I have 2 pieces available but more jewelry to come! I am loving making these!

All of the products used in this necklace set are from Miriam's Crafting Supplies with the exception of the chain and the copper heart. Hope you like it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love ya,

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pink Passion!

As usual I am way behind in posting! I do actually have a good excuse this time LOL!

Mid September I had a total knee replacement done on my right knee. They say it's the second most painfully surgery there is. I can honestly say it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected and maybe that's because the docs told me that! It is however a slow recovery period. Nearly three straight weeks of basically bed rest with exercises (PT came to the house everyday) and ice while you lay there. After that there's Outpatient PT for a month 3 times a week. Your stamina goes way down and every effort exhausts you, but pain?  Not so bad. Anyway I am mid way through recovery and walking with out a cane so I'm REALLY happy with my progress and can get back to a fairly normal life. I still have the PT and I still get more tired then before but each day is a little better.

So enough with my excuse! Let's get to the projects I did for this month.

As you all know, Breast Cancer Awareness is crucially important to me. It runs in my family and I keep a close watch on mine and get my mammo's regularly. They may be a pain but if they can save my life I'm doing it! 

Gone Artsy and Miriam's Crafting Supplies have teamed up this month to do an auction to raise funds for this important cause. DT members from both groups, which of course I am on both :), has each made project(s) to donate. They've spent their time and materials creating some AWESOME art so I hope you will come join in and if you can bid, if you can't bid invite your friends and maybe they can! The funds raised will go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You can find the event on Facebook here: Auction to Benefit the BCRF

The first two projects were made for earlier this month and the last is a YT tutorial on a canvas. All of these will be up for auction. I hope you like what I've done!

To see what's inside, you'll have to go to the Gone Artsy Blog or to Miriam's Crafting Supplies Blog

And here's the tutorial link for the canvas

PLEASE come help us with this EVENT!

Love ya,